Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 5 May 2015

This news blog has failed to appear for a day or two owing to editor/operator connectivity problems. It’s back.

Daily Post headlines today with the PACER-Plus inter-sessional meeting opening today in Port Vila despite regional civil society bodies being opposed. They want fuller participation in the processes involved in the trade negotiations by civil society throughout the region.

Yesterday’s Post highlighted the shortcomings of the Auditor General’s Department as the outspoken Auditor General himself described to the press last week. These are due to funding inadequacy and mean that, for example, State Owned Enterprises do not get audited. Radio Vanuatu reported yesterday Auditor General Path also speaking of a need for MP allocation auditing.

Post yesterday had the 2017 CHOGM meeting "still on" in Port Vila in 2017. EU Ambassador Roy Mickey Joy told Post he had informed the Prime Minister of this. There is an earlier meeting of CHOGM in November in Malta.