Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 11 May 2015

The Appeal Court rules in favour of the 16 MPs clearly states Daily Post today. This was the response to the Speaker’s appeal in the case won by the 16 who were alleged to have accepted bribes. That matter has not been adjudicated by the courts yet and the police investigation continues. The Appeal Court pointed out the supremacy of the Constitution where national sovereignty is concerned and that this document enshrines the belief that all persons must be presumed innocent until proven guilty of any offence in a court of law. No misconduct had been proven and therefore the earlier judgement of Justice Saksak was upheld. Each party is to bear his own costs.

Daily Post today also had the Appeal Court judgements listed for all the other cases before it in this first session. There will be a further session in July and certain cases have been set back to that time.

Radio Vanuatu News had the Electoral Commission’s Martin Tete explaining a number of the changes planned for the Luganville elections in July. There will be chairs reserved for women. Political parties will need to give a priority to their candidates in a listing. Independent candidacy will still be allowed. There will be considerable awareness given by the Commission for Luganville voters.,

Chief Lazare Asal has been appointed the new Director of the Vanuatu Kaljerol Senta. He is currently the chair person of the Penama Port Vila Council of Chiefs. Post reports Asal received his first schooling at Baie Barrier, then Lolopuepue and Lololima near Montmartre. After theological studies in Fiji he played a key role in directing Catholic vocational schools. Asal coming from South Pentecost may well soon need to make recommendations concerning the Nagol custom land dive ownership.