Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 12 May 2015

Daily Post today reveals the CIIP process has produced some 3 people out of more than ten applicants with unacceptable criminal records. The procedure requiring Hong Kong police clearance is said to have shown up discrepancies in the check mechanisms employed by CIIP. The findings have been made by the Vanuatu Financial Intelligence Unit and were prompted by the Citizenship Office in carrying out due diligence in the matter. Operating an illegal gambling business in the US, embezzlement and working for a narcotics organisation are amongst the crimes of the three already discovered and all are charged with financial crimes. The findings oblige further scrutiny of the controversial CIIP programme, Post advises. Successful applicants are allowed Vanuatu passports as "investors". Constitutional amendments to enable dual citizenship were said to have been made to cater for the decision of an earlier government to facilitate the CIIP Programme.

The World Bank is providing USD 59.5 million for safer air travel in Vanuatu. A Vanuatu Aviation Investment Project is expected to deliver sector reform, upgrades to runways, improved terminal infrastructure and air traffic control management. The urgent runway rehabilitation of Bauerfield is included in the work to be provided. The aviation regulator’s role will be strengthened along with aviation institutions. An Aviation Master Plan is to be developed and an Aviation Sector Strategy. Training, too, will be included in the project, Post reports.

Government is going to assist repairs post-Pam on the Malvatumauri chiefs’ nakamal. The Chairman of the organisation, Seni Mao Tirsupe, is calling on island chiefs to provide traditional materials for the repair work.