Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 13 May 2015

Radio Vanuatu today carries further news of CIIP applicants with criminal records and whose applications have not been accepted by the Citizenship Commission which undertook the due diligence not carried out by the Hong Kong CIIP agents. "We cannot compromise our national identity just for the sake of raising revenue," said Public Relations Officer Kiery Manassah. The ineligible applications were all made in Hong Kong. "People wanting citizenship must be good citizens," Manassah said, insisting that agencies in Hong Kong carry out proper checking. "We cannot allow people with criminal connections to enter."

The President of the Green Confederation who is also Leader of the Opposition says he agrees that Port Vila MP Jean-Yves Chabod moves out from the Greens to the Vanuatu National Development Party, VNDP, headed by Christophe Emelee. to stand for Port Vila in 2016. Carcasses confirmed the move following a meeting of those involved.

Tafea Province has agreed that timber cutting may resume on Erromango, VBTC reported this morning.

Daily Post today starts with a magnificent artist’s impression of the seafront of Port Vila, the curve from behind the library to the Grand. This marks the closure on Friday of tenders for the upper wharf road and seafront. This is part of the Vanuatu Tourism Infrastructure Project greatly supported by New Zealand.

One about which we will all want to learn more is broached by Daily Post today. It is the launch of cyclone resistant homes on Ifira land as part of the re-birthmof the National Housing Corporation. This has just taken place.