Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 15 May 2015

Not a lot in the papers yesterday or today (and thus no Digest yesterday), but we do have two interesting Appeal Court judgements. Yesterday Post had the loss to Gilbert Dinh of Urelapa Island off South Santo where Dinh was to build a resort. An airstrip and jetty were constructed and a tank positioned. Silver Holdings had acquired an indefeasible title after a 2006 forfeiture by the Valuer-General back to the lessor as represented by the Pamavari family.

Today Post brings us the Appeal Court ruling on the appeal of Marianne Bani, who had filled an interim position at the Vanuatu National Council of Women. "The grounds of appeal which question the validity of Mrs Bani’s appointment and her entitlement to be remunerated are totally without substance," said the court.

Yesterday’s Post also had more information concerning the cyclone resistant houses being built on Ifira land. Commercial partners from Korea, Thailand and the United States are involved in the project. Other models from the Round House at Freshwater to the Erakor Half-road area have been seen previously. Following cyclone Pam, the main government consideration for maintenance must be given to roofing.

Vanuatu Times "in its findings" discovers that VT 2 billion will be needed to "repair government houses". Later in the story, however, this figure is given as the amount needed for "replacement of such dwellings". With quite solid properties (such as around Independence Park) needing only new timber and glass work, government must establish fully professional estimates for such work on each house before deciding to sell off the asset to new citizens or business partners.

Australia has reduced aid to Indonesia and various other countries, but not to Vanuatu the Post reveals today.