Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 22 May 2015

There have been various communications problems with the Digest for a few days, but it’s mostly headline news only you’ve missed. But you must still have the news… and so, here goes …

The President of the Australian South Sea Islanders in Sydney, Imelda Davis, says the islander Australians were pleased to be able to assist ni-Vanuatu in the wake of cyclone Pam. She was here to check the unloading of some 5 containers of relief items which came from the Association with Rainbow Warrior.

The ICT Manager of the Department of Lands, William Ganileo, says the new title information system will be opened in a month. It is important title holders check their particulars in the system.

The CIIP agency in China has been re-launched. A government delegation headed by the Minister of Finance, Maki Simelum, went to Shenzen for the purpose. The new need for credibility and sustainability, unlike with the PRV programme, was stressed in presentations.

The VNPF has answered the allegations made against the Board in last weekend’s Post. This one will, as they say, run and run. Most of us cannot know the full story yet.

Urology patients have been receiving wonderful assistance from visiting Australian specialists. And Post says today Prof Dr Ian Frazer, developer of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine will be visiting from 25 May. He will be giving awareness talks at Freshwota School from 8.30 on Tuesday concerning cervical cancer and young women are encouraged to attend.