Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 28 May 2015

Today’s news is largely about matters which will involve the next sitting of Parliament, the Extra-ordinary and Ordinary sittings beginning tomorrow and in that order.

There is a possibility the Department of Agriculture and Quarantine will work as a regulator where commodities which could be prescribed such as copra, cacao and kava are concerned. The chairman of the kava industry working group told Radio Vanuatu News that together with kava growers his group is presently working towards increasing quality in kava production. Such activities were previously carried out by the Vanuatu Commodities Marketing Board (VCMB). Production, processing and export will all be considered along with pricing and maintaining an informational data bases. The matter will be discussed in Parliament.

Daily Post today reports Port Vila voting constituency likely to be returned to its municipal boundaries rather than take in the residents of the peri-urban settlements like Bellevue, Etas and Teoumaville. This will see the number of Port Vila MPs reduced from 6 to 5 and the Efate Rural seats increasing from 4 to 5.

Un-related to the imminent parliamentary sitting and entirely related to commercial endeavour, it is good to report, as does Daily Post, Vanuatu Palm Project cooonut oil soap soap being imported into New Zealand from its start point- Uluveu in the Maskelynes. It is soon to be available in the Central Market in Port Vila, too.

And, Post says that the Utilities Regulatory Authority is considering a reduction in the Port Vila water prices – a reduction of 20% – the first such review in more than a decade.