Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 1 June 2015

Parliament is meeting this morning and discussing the supplementary budget brought about by the passage of cyclone Pam. Leader of the Opposition Carcasses raised questions on the fairness of the sharing of the relief from overseas insisting there have been huge discrepancies. Prime Minister Natuman stressed the resilience of ni-Vanuatu, so few lives having been lost, and the speed of the quick recovery in our country compared with others suffering comparable disasters.

Prime Minister Natuman alluded to a restoration plan which will be discussed by the Council of Ministers very soon.

There was little new in the weekend press …

Daily Post at the weekend revealed the government will open up the Police top post to foreigners in view of the ongoing problems with local recruitment. The move is expected to be appreciated by all.

Post also revealed 35 students suspended at Malapoa College in a move to emphasize the need for leadership qualities in students at the premier English language school. The offences are concerned with boy / girl relationships and alcohol consumption and are said to be more concerned with students belonging to township partners rather than outer islanders.

Island Court decisions are now ultimately able to be adjudicated in the Appeal Court a recent decision of the Appeal Court decided.