Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 8 June 2015

Many will be saddened to learn of the death of Senior Magistrate Rita Naviti in Northern District Hospital at the age of 56. Daily Post carries the news of the passing of this heroic woman leader in the judiciary. Her importance was underscored by the Head of State offering a minute’s silence in honour of her by name, and other leaders recently, before even giving his speech to open Parliament this morning. The Post news is accompanied by a lovely photograph on page 1 of the highly respected role model.

Daily Post also has the new ministers removing their names from the motion of no confidence in the government. Police investigations continue into the cases of the Opposition Members charged with offences against the Leadership Code (including bribery). The first action in this matter, after the alleged offences being allegedly committed and MPs suspended, was the appeal to the courts of those implicated to have parliamentary suspensions lifted. They were. However, the charges are still being investigated by the Police.

The Ordinary sitting of Parliament continues this morning. Nagriamel spokesman Jeff Joel Patunvanu insists Nagriamel is remaining strongly supportive of Government. "The Nagriamel Movement is committed to working with the government to achieve development goals for social and economic progress and benefit for the people of Vanuatu," said Patunvanu to Post. It will stay with government "until the end of its term".