Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 9 June 2015

Yesterday in Radio Vanuatu News, Health Minister Wells made his reasons for staying with the Government side clearer, even though his colleagues in PPP have joined the Opposition. Essentially there had been no decision by his party’s executive that PPP should move out from government, and Wells said he needed to stay for continuity with the aid donor partners post-cyclone Pam. He could see no reason for a motion of no confidence at this time. He felt the country is tired of government changes.

Today in Daily Post former Foreign Minister Kilman complains he has been given no reason for his ministerial termination. He suggests there are hidden reasons.

Radio Vanuatu yesterday highlighted the important new livestock project launched in Vanualava to improve the quality and quantity of cattle in the herds of provincial farmers. Young heiffers and bullocks for breeding are firstly being introduced into Torba. Sanma and Malampa will then follow. The aim is to have a national herd of beef cattle numbering half a million by 2025.

UNELCO and the URA are at loggerheads over street lighting, Post advises today. To expand the street .lighting network, UNELCO says it needs a "modest rates increase." The URA is against.