Vanuatu Daily News Digest | Bribery charges adjournment

The MP bribery case being adjourned by the Magistrates’ Court until only 23 June rather suggests the new government will be required to keep Parliament sitting permanently. The bribery case against 19 MPs, now all on the government side, it is believed, can only be constitutionally adjourned whilst Parliament is sitting, as Thompson Marango points out in Daily Post today. Of the new Kilman Government there are seven of Cabinet rank who face bribery charges. The possibility of choosing persons as ministers who might soon have charges against the Leadership Code or criminal records rather suggests personal character was not an issue in determining the capability and suitability of would-be ministers when the new government was formed.

As already reported yesterday, the former government leaders MPs Natapei and Lini and others have deposited a motion of no confidence against the Kilman led government. The text of that motion and the adjournment of the bribery are both covered in Daily Post today and this brief additional posting to the Digest comes out in advance of today’s normal news reporting in time for townspeople to buy Daily Post while supplies last.