Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 16 June 2015

The Opposition fears the government will interfere in the judiciary, says the bold Daily Post headline this morning. Indeed it does, as do many bus drivers in Port Vila. They may well be considered representative of the whole electorate. The general public is aware that a government has been created comprising seven ministers along with nine others charged with bribery and offences under the Leadership Code. The Kilman Government argues that because the Appeal Court enabled their suspension from Parliament to be lifted, the motion (of the Natuman Government) presently before the Parliament is invalid. The Kilman Government plans to "discipline" former PM Natuman, DPM Lini and Speaker Boedoro.

Meanwhile the new Minister of Lands, Paul Telukluk, has "thrown out" the Land Rent Review of the former government in 2014 saying that the increase in land rents is unconstitutional and against the meaning of independence. This is, allegedly, because ni-Vanuatu cannot afford the price of land in towns, Radio Vanuatu News reported. That said, many ni-Vanuatu do live and work in the towns.

The new Minister of Internal Affairs, Hosea Nevu, has announced a comprehensive review and audit of all citizenship programmes. In just three days of taking office he has hired "a respected external company to government undertaking this review to ensure there is no political interference or bias," he tells Daily Post.

Entries for the Lapita Visual Arts competition of the Vanuatu Cultural Centre close on Friday this week at the Bastien Foundation.