Vanuatu Daily News Digest | Vanuatu Speaker changed

Radio Vanuatu has just announced that the MP for Malekula and President of the Vanuatu Republican Party has become the new Speaker of Parliament. Marcellino Pipite, has just become the new Speaker. He was elected un-opposed. Parliament took the vote after the previous Speaker Philip Boedoro was voted out. 28 MPs voted for Boedoro’s being removed, it was said in the Radio Vanuatu News at 6 pm, and 23 voted against. Parliament also voted out the Second, Third and Fourth Deputy Speakers. The First Ordinary Session of Parliament was also closed at that time. It was not said what would happen with the vote of no confidence in the Kilman-led government.


One Comment on “Vanuatu Daily News Digest | Vanuatu Speaker changed”

  1. nasimal says:

    Even the speakers of the Red Roof foxtrotting around the speaker’s foyer .It is time our politicians start thinking about their constituents and act like grown ups . It’s so sad to see how these selfish politicians destroying our country just after the devastations the Tropical Storm PAM had done to Vanuatu . I think those politicians who frequently crossing the floor of the House never had a real job , they only move where they see the colour of money . Thank you .