Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 20 June 2015

Good reading everywhere this morning …

The Independent reminds everyone the bribery case is on Tuesday and the constitutional case is listed for Monday. Tuesday will determine whether the 16 MPs in the bribery case will stand trial on 7 July. The Independent points out the judiciary will treat the matter as any other criminal case. In addition, says the Indy "the Judiciary will not entertain any order issued by the current government until the matter is settled in court." A Daily Post editorial calls on politicians to set aside their differences and put the national interest first as its nationals require.

Daily Post leads with the private sector calling for a repeal of the Industrial Development Act which came into being to promote private sector led development but lacked completion of discussions with the Chamber of Commerce (VCCI) and Manufacturers’ Association (VMEA). Amendments might have been possible had the short-lived sitting of Parliament not been closed by the new Speaker.

A 16 kg petition from 150,000 West Papuans, organised by the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP), is in Port Vila awaiting the approval of PM Kilman, not known for strong secession views on behalf of West Papua. It goes to the MSG Leaders’ Summit in Honiara this coming week and concerns West Papua’s application for membership of the MSG. Dan McGary makes a useful editorial contribution regarding West Papua in the Post.

A cinema has returned to the capital in the Tana Russet Plaza, the Tana Ciné. The Plaza is open for business with its various store holders as from today. The Independent gives an explanation and story of the creation of the Plaza.