Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 25 June 2015

As the Digest advised yesterday, the Supreme Court is upholding the Opposition’s application for a vote of no confidence against the Government swimming in a sea of bribery allegations. The Preliminary Inquiry for this bribery is now delayed because of evidence given by named identities from the business community who now require legal representation. The Daily Post this morning points out Justice Aru’s declaration that the sitting of Parliament was still open when new Speaker Pipite decided to close it, which action was unlawful. Pipite was quoted on Radio Vanuatu News this morning as saying he will appeal. The granting of such an appeal is unlikely in view of the many decisions concerning motions in the past from which Justice Aru drew in making his own decision. Post also points out that the PM is not attending the MSG Summit in Honiara, largely concerned with West Papua (over which personal stand he lost his foreign minister-ship through not playing ball with then-PM Natuman and the then-Council of Ministers). Daily Post Tuesday has Vanuatu Christian Council Chairman Bishop James Ligo highlighting the importance of West Papua in its rightful place in the MSG. Wednesday the Malvatumauri President Chief Senimao Tirsupe clearly states it would be "dishonest for Vanuatu not to support the West Papua application."

Vila Times which comes out on Mondays has a front-page editorial covering unprincipled leadership and vote buying of leadership positions for MPs for millions of vatu. It should also not be missed for a coverage of the re-activation of the 2007 Kava Act for which the previous minister (David Tosul) was responsible.This provides for protection against the worst effects of "two-day" kava for all concerned, from drug manufacturers to those pleased to have a dose of this country’s highly valued euphoric.

The National Disaster Management Officer- NDMO – is reviewing the lessons learned from cyclone Pam. A release from the NDMO says it will "continue to strengthen its communications not just to our communities but also from them." The Digest particularly insists that the communicating role of the national broadcaster in promulgating warnings will not be diminished and shortwave transmission of such warnings should continue to be of the utmost importance.

Yesterday’s Daily Post has deported lawyer Robert Herd back in the country. He was deported last September for alleged interference in local politics.

As well as the news of the resumption of Parliament next Tuesday, today’s Daily Post has the VAT exemption on building materials ended last Friday. And a good news on which to end today: TVET is to commence its training activities at its fourth centre in Tafea in the very near future following a soft launch with rehabilitation works on Tanna. The Tafea branch will concentrate quite rightly on construction and agriculture.