Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 26 June 2015

The new Lands Minister Paul Telukluk, in today’s Radio Vanuatu Lunchtime News, says he will repeal the Land Law Reform Act. He is preparing a paper for the Council of Ministers. He says repeal is necessary to ensure economic development will be fair for the custom land owner and developers. This statement is made despite the Land Law Reform Act following recommendations of various summits of land owners over many years.

Radio Vanuatu News today reports the ULMWP being granted full observer status in the MSG in yesterday’s MSG leaders’ meeting in Honiara. Indonesia was also granted associate membership of the MSG. Clarification is expected with a statement to be released later.

Radio Vanuatu News says it is the first time Vanuatu has a national agriculture policy. This was launched by the Ministry and DPM Moana Carcasses Kalosil today before a large audience when Principal Agriculture Officer Antoine Ravou stated the 15-year policy has arrived at the right time to direct stake-holders as regards their roles and responsibilities. Radio News gave no further details of any changes to existing agriculture policy, but "now there is a roadmap."

Daily Post has new Public Utilities Minister Tony Nari warning Public Works heads they will be disciplined if they are involved in "corrupt deals". Minister Christophe Emelee claims Torba PWD road maintenance staff "only play cards during working days." The same sentiment was shared by MPs Don Ken and Jerome Ludvaune (Malekula), Robert Bohn (Epi), and Jonas James (Paama). "Shady deals" with private companies were also mentioned. And Post has Minister Tony Nari declaring the Government now has 29 MPs supporting it.