Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 2 July 2015

The big issues today are the appointment of the new Public Prosecutor, the Malvatumauri claiming the Government is interfering politically in custom and culture and the Lapita Conference all of next week. Daily Post has all three.

Vanuatu’s new Public Prosecutor is Josiah Naigulevu. Head of State Baldwin Lonsdale made the appointment last week. Naigulevu is a Fijian, until now based in the United Kingdom. The appointment of acting Public Prosecutor John William Timakata lapses early next week. He has not been dismissed as rumour tries to suggest.

The Malvatumauri Chairman Chief Senimau Tirsupe is filing a case against the Minister of Internal Affairs in court for interfering politically in matters of custom and culture. The Minister has terminated the services of many, if not all, on the Vanuatu National Cultural Council illegally, or not in conformity with the VNCC Act of Parliament. The newly appointed Cultural Centre Director Lazre Asal has also been terminated. Since that news yesterday, in Post today, it has now been rumoured about that the former Cultural Centre Director, now First Political Adviser in the Kilman Government, Marcellin Abong, has been appointed to the directorship.

Over a hundred delegates are expected for the Lapita Conference taking place all of next week. Held every four years, the event this time is the first here after the discovery of the most important Lapita site at Teouma. The conference hopes to "get back to Lapita basics" and learn more about the societies in the region before and immediately after the Lapita people. A permanent exhibition sponsored by the French Embassy is also being held at the Museum.

And, of course, today’s big news has not yet happened. It’s the Motion of No Confidence in the Kilman Government in Parliament at 4 pm.