Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 6 July 2015

The Eighth Lapita Conference introduced the Lapita-related families from Taiwan to New Zealand as "one big, gouty family" this morning. The migrating Lapita families from South-East Asia to Polynesia demonstrated obesity, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and lifestyle diseases, according to their remains which have been meticulously studied throughout the region. It was especially interesting to learn, however, that the most recently discovered remains from Vanuatu’s Teouma Lapita showed a diet low in fats and sugars. The Lapita people were those who most likely introduced dogs, pigs and chickens into the areas they colonised, taking them as far as Eastern Polynesia. Their burial practices, often involving the famous fired pots which from Lapita, New Caledonia, give these people their name, ensured a post-mortal interest in their migrations a millennium before the Christian era. The pots were often used as reliquaries for the bones or cranial remains of their owners, from Indonesia and Borneo to Teouma, Vanuatu.

Prime Minister Kilman brought his take on Indonesia into a prayer breakfast over the weekend as Daily Post points out today. Kilman insists that Indonesian membership of the MSG is good. It was his first explanation of his stand which saw him ignoring the visit of the West Papua United Liberation Movement representative with the petition of 150,000 West Papuans seeking independence. "Our freedom as independent nations and people must also accommodate Indonesia," Kilman told Post’s Jonas Cullwick.

Kilman was also critical, in Radio Vanuatu News today, of the Vanuatu Opposition, for not allowing debate on the motion of no confidence last week. He said the Opposition’s action in this regard further increased the costs of instability.