Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 8 July 2015

The 8th International Lapita Conference continues in Port Vila. It has seen the opening of a superb exhibition at the Suzanne Bastien Foundation of art work based on Lapita designs and concepts. Items in the exhibition may be purchased. The 120 participants have visited the Teouma and Eruiti Lapita sites today. A student of the Lapita, and one of the authors of a paper which deals with Lapita dispersal of sacred male pseudohermaphroditic ‘tuskers and hairless pigs of Vanuatu’, has suggested conference participants might be interested in a paper they wrote for the US National Academy of Sciences. It can be found at

Whilst possibly a little out of date it certainly has a relevance to the subjects being discussed in the Conference. Today’s Daily Post carries the story of the official opening of the Conference and a Lapita exhibition at the Museum.

The Lapita conference is being beamed to the world on

Daily Post today has eight of the staff of the Telecoms Regulator calling on the Prime Minister to suspend the Regulator. They want an independent inquiry and financial audit of aspects of the work of the TRR. PM Kilman has answered requesting more information concerning allegations raised and more time to decide on appropriate action.

Post also touches upon the work of that other regulator, the Utilities Regulatory Authority (URA), and differences of opinion with Unelco over financing the extension of the electricity supply on Malekula. Unelco seems unwilling to accept the URA’s authority in this matter.

Radio Vanuatu News today headlines that non-communicable diseases or NCDs are affecting over half the country. Seventy percent of admissions to Vila Central Hospital are NCD related. The information came out in a media reporting workshop this week. PACMAS organised the workshop.