Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 11 July 2015

John William Timakata has been endorsed as Acting Public Prosecutor to the end of this month by the Judicial Services Commission. The newly appointed Public Prosecutor, Josiah Naigulevu, will take up his duties on 1 August. Many high profile cases involving bribery are being prosecuted by Timakata and the Judicial Services Commission points out the independence from government of the Public Prosecutor.

Both Saturday papers publish as front page the suggestion that the fire which guttered Vanuatu Treasures’ warehouse this week was deliberately lit. The main door to the building was allegedly open. There was no electricity supply there and there were no power points in the warehouse. Management of the business has been in the hands of one who has this week been reported as a victim, albeit compensated, in a court case involving a nuisance element.

The Media Association of Vanuatu points out to the Prime Minister that his call for more outside media regulation is inappropriate, there being adequate means to deal with usual complaints already. MAV is consulting with a view to setting up a media body for self-regulatory purposes.

Today’s Daily Post observes there are always many questions which arise in discussions by Lapita scholars as presently during this week in the 8th International Lapita Conference at USP. There seem to be presumptions made both as regards the data used and interpretations of results one participant observed. Never-the-less the conference provided a great deal of information useful to the scholar and of interest to the participants.

PM Kilman is suggesting Government MPs are being harassed by Opposition MPs, Daily Post reveals. Kilman says his government is forced to request police intervention.

The Independent says says the minister responsible for fisheries is putting right various matters which have gone wrong in departments associated with fishing activities. Never-the-less, not everything has gone crazy. Daily Post is able to point to an official Vanuatu Fisheries Observer testifying to a US Federal Court against the illegal activities of a US purse seiner. Congratulations observer Jino Suaki of Malekula.

And gud wiken evriwan, especially now it’s finally warmer and much less windy.