Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 13 July 2015

Radio Vanuatu tells us today that next month the Government will hold a round-table conference with development partners concerning the recovery after cyclone Pam, and plans for the next 24 months. Foreign Minister Vohor advised accordingly when meeting foreign officials from other countries recently.

Radio Vanuatu also had the Opposition calling on the Government to maintain the pace for political reform instead of making threats to media freedom by controlling freedom of expression. If such laws involving police action against freedom of association had been in place, the Opposition would have used them long ago, Daily Post points out, when the then-Opposition was plotting the overthrow of the Natuman Government.

Mamas of the Manples Market are pleased to be back now that Au Bon Marché has improved their market sales area near ABM Manples. They say they are delighted to be back.

Daily Post also points out how 14 July 1980 was the date on which the Vanuatu pre-Independence administration led by Walter Lini entered into discussions with PNG PM Julius Chan concerning intervention in the state of rebellion in the New Hebrides. The Vemerana rebellion seemed about to upset the democratically elected government’s plans for Independence on 30 July, a fortnight later.