Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 16 July 2015

The present government looks to be crumbling from within as Deputy Prime Minister Carcasses announces his support for his former Lands Minister Regenvanu’s lands reforms, many of which were carried out under the time of the leadership of Carcasses himself. Well, he’d have to wouldn’t he? So where does that leave us? With a divided cabinet. It comes about because new Lands Minister Telukluk is trying to overturn the court decision which drew attention to the unlawfulness of the earlier minister’s decision to sell off state land cheaply to Lands Department staff. Daily Post’s Thompson Marango reports clearly all the issues concerned and the anxiety of former Lands Minister Regenvanu as expressed to the PM. The Lands Ministry First PA Wendy Himford told Daily Post the Government PRO "knows nothing about the case."

Then we have the court challenge of the Cultural Centre Director, Chief Lazare Asal, to his dismissal by the new Vanuatu Cultural Council Board after the illegal dismissal of the previous Board of which he, Asal, was also a member. An improperly appointed Board replaces the former one. (Daily Post again.) Asal has lodged a court challenge to his dismissal which saw the Internal Affairs First Political Advisor taking up the Cultural Centre directorship again after being sacked long ago.

And Chief Tirsupe, President of the Malatumauri, has been dumped by the Prime Minister from the Police Service Commission. This was done by Government Order gazetted 10 July. Tirsupe questions why he was removed. The Malvatumauri has representatives on various commissions of national importance such as Judicial Services, the Law Commission and, as reported above, the Cultural Council. Tirsupe: "We do not want to be considered as ‘flowers’ in these commissions where politicians feel they can terminate us any time they wish." He points out in Post they are there to serve the interests of their people. (Post again.)

Then Post also reports Government back-benchers seeking the support of the Opposition for another motion of no confidence. It is said to be a group of MPs within the former Opposition led by Carcasses who helped to topple the Natuman Government.

All that said, most of the ministers and politicians on the Government side still face their bribery accusations and you are reminded that there is the preliminary hearing against them next Tuesday at 2.30 pm.


One Comment on “Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 16 July 2015”

  1. Tony says:

    Parliamentarians, politicians & others in prominent government positions, cry and complain as much as you choose about the media at large but, the fact remains that you are all (without exception) taking Vanuatu one step forward into enlightenment and two steps back into the dark past.

    Wake up to yourselves and start working for your people and this magnificent country of Vanuatu!!!!!!