Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 17 July 2015

The big news today is surely Lands Minister Telukluk deciding that the State should still lose the lands that are valued at nearly one thousand million vatu in Vila and Santo which were provided at greatly reduced valuation to Lands Department staff by former Lands Minister Steven Kalsakau. In so doing he would be going against a Supreme Court order that these sales were unlawful. However, Minister Telukluk wants the case withdrawn "so staff will no longer see the Minister as their enemy and also give them back the motivation to work," said First Political Advisor Wendy Himford. She suggests that the Minister can have the case abandoned and that new valuations would be made for the properties concerned. (Daily Post.)

That story appears on page 1 of Daily Post today, along with another also by Thompson Marango in which Robert Agius is reported as losing his tax appeal in the Australian Federal Court. A photo shows the hand-cuffed Agius in federal custody.

Police held 200 vehicles mostly for failure to comply with vehicle legislation yesterday morning Post also reports today. The operation continued well into the evening so the figure is likely to rise. One bus driver apologised to this writer yesterday morning over there being many fewer buses on the road because of the operation.

More items from the news today will be given tomorrow.


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