Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 20 July 2015

Your Digest does not normally cover the sort of crime which is found everywhere most of the time. But the case of the "Resort burned after boy’s death" on page 1 of Post today, with a dramatic photo, is different. Eleven police officers have been sent to investigate. Tannese relatives of a dead young man are said to have angrily burned out six bungalows of Tanna Lodge, near Bethel, on Saturday. The resort’s bungalows are shown burning and it is reportedly owned by one Hugh Lowe, New Zealand investor.

The Morobe Market Assn is asking Shefa women to sell their produce at the Bladinieres Marketplace. The livestock market area popular with Efate villagers has been set up especially for Shefa residents by their province and has no charges for craftswomen for water and electricity and only costs VT 200 a place per business woman each day. They hope to attract more tourists to Morobe, too, VBTC News reports.

Seventy per cent of all deaths at Vila Central Hospital are NCD related says the local WHO Technical Adviser, Myriam Abel, in Daily Post today. Furthermore, some 50 NCD patients are visiting the NCD Clinic at the hospital every day. Heart disease, diabetes, respiratory conditions and cancers are the "silent killers", most of which are controllable with better life styles involving better diet and healthy exercise.