Vanuatu Daily News Digest | Bribery case postponed

The news of today is essentially the alleged bribery case involving 6 ministers of government, 12 government MPs and one other – a businessman. Jane Joshua’s Daily Post front page reporting from an absolutely packed courtroom lacking microphones and speakers is impeccable. Radio Vanuatu did not cover the news in its early edition today.

Owing to an absence of certain legal representation, the Preliminary Inquiry appears amicably re-scheduled to 2.30 pm August 7. It will be a matter of greater interest at that time, too, as the Acting Public Prosecutor, John William Timakata, will have the assistance of the new Public Prosecutor, recruited from the UK by the former government, whilst Timakata’s contract has been extended. Present ministers involved in the case are: Moana Carcasses, Willie Jimmy, Serge Vohor, Hosea Nevu, Tony Nari and Thomas Laken.