Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 24 + 25 July 2015

Two days news in one …

Radio Vanuatu News has today has Reserver Bank Governor Athy being rather more prolix on the subject of why the Reserve Bank has rejected the Bank South Pacific’s bid to to purchase Westpac in Vanuatu, but adding nothing new to the discussion first reported yesterday in Post. The considerations were all financial and not influenced by any political party, Athy said, and necessary in the fragile economic conditions post-Pam.

Yesterday Daily Post also had the news of NUP winning the majority of seats by any party in the Luganville Council. Hope got 3, the Greens 2 and GJP and Nagriamel each one. They are able to add today that the name of Mrs Netaf Roinata Rosemary of NUP is being put forward to take the mayoral position.

Daily Post this morning has two new posts created for senior MPs. One is Parliamentary Secretary for Provincial Affairs, the other Parliamentary Secretary for Policy Research, each receiving VT 2.6 m per year, presumably in addition to their pay and/or allowances as sitting MPs. In addition there are cars, housing and other benefits for the holders of the non-advertised positions which go to Messrs Steven Kalsakau and Silas Yatan.

Lands Minister Telukluk claims in Post today that the leases awarded to staff of Lands by Steven Kalsakau when he was Minister were all valid. This claim is made despite Transparency Vanuatu and incoming Lands Minister Regenvanu later deciding differently. They were all properly cancelled after Transparency’s and Regenvanu’s findings.

One hundred new citizens have received their certificates. The awarding ceremony was held at Au Faré at Melcofe says Daily Post.

The Independent gives nearly half a page to former Opposition Leader now DPM Carcasses (called Opposition Leader under his photo) to shoot his mouth off about what he sees as "dirty politics behind the former Natuman Government." He accuses Natuman of disgraceful handling of the Police Mutiny Case, aided and abetted by Public Prosecutor Timakata. "With all due respect to Mr Timakata, the public perception is that he is too closely associated with the former Natuman Government," says Carcasses. All that said, it is only facts which will matter in the Bribery Case coming up in a fortnight for Carcasses and many ministerial colleagues.