Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 28 July 2015

Again two days news in one … And over-shadowing everything, the death, already mentioned in an earlier posting, of Edward Nipake Natapei, Leader of the Opposition.

Daily Post yesterday reported twelve new ni-Vanuatu graduates in medicine from the Havana Medical School in Cuba. Doctor / patient ratio will be greatly assisted by their return from their studies. Pacific developing countries acknowledge great assistance from the Cuban relationship to teach in this field.

Post also yesterday covered the launch of the Port Vila Urban Development project and Sea Front Development. Today details are given of a 1.2 km walkway along the seafront and Fatumauru Bay. It begins at the central market, extends to La Tentation and then resumes on the northern side of the Anchor Inn, ending at Chantilly’s.

Today Radio Vanuatu has Climate Change Minister Laken advising development partners of the needs for early warning systems at all levels. Meteo ministers met last week in Tonga and Laken detailed the three years of establishing a policy for early warnings for every kind of natural threat.

Community based contracting is a new policy for the Public Works Department (PWD), linking with communities for road repair. Public Works Minister Tony Nari, says Radio Vanuatu, launched the system on Ambae. It will really change the way in which work is carried out, he said.

Yesterday Radio Vanuatu was telling us of the need for teachers to upgrade their qualifications to university degree level. The DG of Education Jesse Dick was advising thus in order to meet the significant education needs existing in the country.

NCDs remained high on the Radio Vanuatu news agenda along with other issues of government.

Daily Post today has Speaker Pipite insisting former Speaker Boedoro must apologise following the Opposition’s gentlemanly withdrawal of the motion of no confidence against the Kilman Government. This came about after an appeal by the Speaker to the Court of Appeal in the wake of which Pipite gave a press conference. He claimed the seven days notice of the motion had not been adhered to.

Daily Post today also has former Lands Minister Regenvanu responding to the serious allegation made against him by present Lands Minister Telukluk in the weekend Post. The allegation has been long since closed with the Ombudsman declaring Regenvanu had done no wrong. The matter concerned lands department staff and their cheaply obtained leases and housing from yet another lands minister and a Public Service Commission investigation.

Daily Post today, along with Radio Vanuatu, reports the Australian bi-partisan parliamentary delegation which met with aid implementing agencies and the Vanuatu Government to assess Australia’s aid, especially in the light of the impact of tropical cyclone Pam. The Australian Government has provided an aid package worth 50 million Australian dollars to to assist the Vanuatu recovery.

Dan McGarry contributes an interesting editorial on the need for rules especially in the game of politics in today’s Post.