Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 1 August 2015

The Digest has been missing owing to the events surrounding the 35th anniversary of the Independence of Vanuatu and the sadness of the loss of a truly acknowledged leader, Edward Nipake Natapei.

Marking Independence, PM Kilman, the country’s political leader of only 7 weeks saw political stability as essential. Head of State Baldwin Lonsdale drew on the movement towards gender equality through the Luganville municipal elections to stress the need for all parties to put women as candidates in next year’s national elections.

Mourners in their thousands paid their last respects to Edward Natapei during the week at his Avenue Colardeau home, whilst lying in state at the Tut Blong Pig area of Parliament or at the service at Paton Memorial Church, before the body was flown to Tanna and Futuna for burial. Leaders from within Vanuatu and near and far have acknowledged the exemplary attributes of the truly great leader.

The Supreme Court has handed down judgement against a decision of a former Lands Minister, Steven Kalsakau, to grant a Tassiriki (Port Vila) green space lease to "SPK" at a greatly reduced premium, declaring it was ultra vires. (Daily Post)

The release of traditional customary carved stones, allegedly by a former un-named Cultural Centre Acting Director, has been revoked by the new Director to bring back confidence to the Cultural Centre, Director Abong said. (Daily Post)

Air Vanuatu is expecting to take possession of a new and more cost effective Boeing 737 early next year.

The Port Vila Urban Development Project on what is known as Kalsakau Street, at the back of premises fronting the main street and parallel with the seafront park, will include drainage and toilets, Daily Post reported Friday. The VT 4.1 billion project is funded by Australia, the ADB and the Vanuatu Government.

Today The Independent tells us that ProMedical at Santo faces closure now needing to raise VT 6 million to stay in operations. August is therefore planned as a month of considerable fund raising.

The Independent also reports the Speaker of Parliament claiming those 16 MPs implicated in the bribery case to be heard in the Magistrates’ Court on Friday will be needing compensation of VT 10 million each. Today’s Daily Post gives details of the sections of the Leadership Code Act which clearly deal with bribery.

Daily Post today carries a moving front page photo of President Baldwin Lonsdale mourning the passing of Opposition leader Natapei.