Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 10 August 2015

Saturday’s Digest bulletin promised you main stories not covered from last week. There weren’t many of huge importance apart from the bribery cases, dealt with Saturday in Post and this Digest. The main one was probably the government’s presenting its National Recovery Plan to development partners enabling a great photo opportunity for Government, Opposition and every Development Partner, and there seemed to be a lot of them present. Recovery will proceed with "realistic projects and implementation arrangements, including the appropriate engagement of partners," said PM Kilman as reported in Post Thursday. He wants no mis-match between what the government sees as needs and what donors want to give. There is still much gratitude for what has already been given.

China will be giving a million vatu towards the Malvatumauri nakamal reconstruction, Post reported Friday.

The Government’s Half-Year Economic and Fiscal Update was included in many pages of both Daily Post and The Independent over the weekend. This has encouraged an analysis by Dan McGarry of Daily Post on the front page today. He sees it as a mix of good news and bad. The downside is explained by cyclone Pam. The move forward McGarry sees as the financial rescue plan being negotiated with the World Bank. However, half grant and half loan, the new debt then begins to cost the country more than was planned for borrowing servicing in 2015. McGarry sums up "it seems we have a little more muddling through to do before we see the back of cyclone Pam."

Stake-holders in the Mele to Devil’s Point developments have agreed on a public road management plan according to Daily Post today. Cyclones and sand stealers have all played havoc with proper road connections to the area. Stake-holders include Shefa council, PWD, the Area Secretary for Mele village and representatives of the community. There was no mention of high cement fence builders, but maybe they’re outside the limits.