Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 14 August 2015

Leading Radio Vanuatu news early morning, the Government must financially assist the Vanuatu Christian Council churches says PM Kilman to have their assistance in development. This will be reflected in the 2016 budget, he promised. No detailed provisions were given.

Daily Post and Radio Vanuatu also have this country winning a United Nations ICT award because of Vanuatu’s use of ICTs in the warnings phase of cyclone Pam. The PM said ICTs were also highly important in the rebuilding stage. We are praised by the UN for our use of ICTs in trying to attain sustainable development, says the PM.

Sgt George Kalran of the VMF passing away yesterday was news taken up by both Radio Vanuatu and Daily Post. Kalran is especially remembered for his musical talent, having often led the VMF Band, notably recently for the 35th anniversary celebrations, and for his stint with overseas peace-keeping in East Timor.

Daily Post has a judgement in a civil case in favour of Robert Bohn MP under which he will receive VT 14.5 million for salvage of the vessels Lih Peng and Laudorek. Only half of that sum was ever paid over by the Vanuatu Maritime Authority.

A suspect has been arrested following the second arson attack at Tanna Lodge, on the southern island, Daily Post advises.

Some 8 schools have gone back to PCV administration, joining others still managed by the Presbyterian Church, says Radio Vanuatu lunchtime news.

In Radio Vanuatu mid-day news, Minister Telukluk is claiming there are no charges to answer regarding unpaid duties at his store at Santo jointly owned with Messrs Yao and Prasad. He claims a Customs officer associated with the Opposition brought the matter to the public’s attention, but the Yao concerned is not the Yao of their company.