Vanuatu Daily News Digest | Bribery Case

The Vanuatu Daily News Digest has not been offered during the last few days. It is back.

The Bribery Case this morning … Justice Mary Sey remained as firm this morning as previously highlighted in the media. "Nobody is above the law," Justice Sey rightly observed in respect of one leader’s particular requests through his counsel. Justice Sey saw sufficient relevance of Sections 21 (acceptance of loans) and 23 (bribery) to trigger prosecution under the Leadership Code Act. She observed that punishment might involve a fine not exceeding five million vatu or imprisonment for a period not exceeding ten years. The judge also saw it as entirely appropriate for the Public Prosecutor handling the Preliminary Inquiry, John William Timakata, to handle the prosecution of the persons accused depite the defence attempting to have the recently appointed new Public Prosecutor process the case. The case proceeds in the Supreme Court on 2 September for pleas to be heard. The same bail conditions apply to the 16 MPs and Thomas Bayer.


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  1. jodathegrey says:


    Many thanks for your regular updates, I appreciate your work.

    I was wondering if I could ask a favour, would you include a link on one of your future Vanuatu News list emails?

    I visited Vanuatu early in 2014 and was enchanted by the people and the country, and since then I have been looking for ways in which I could make a difference, and I found something which I thought could bring work and employment, I’ve set up a Facebook and CrowdFunding pages about the project, see links below:

    I have been spending money promoting the pages through social media, but I have only managed to get a small donation so far, which is very frustrating, and I am looking for new ways of getting info on the project out to people who are interested in actually helping Vanuatu and who could potentially donate to the project and get it started.

    I have written to a number of people who could help, but I havn’t even had the courtesy of a reply, namely:

    The ‘Embassy for the United States’ has a range of grants – and I emailed the information to them three times without any response;

    Mr Hanington Tate Tamla, Principal Forestry Officer, PMB 9064, Port Vila, Vanuatu, ditto no response;

    Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme, PO Box 240, Apia, Samoa, ditto no reponse:

    The last one is an address I was given by an associate in the UN – I have spent most of the last 5 years as a Consultant to the UN, and this address is supposed to be the new main office for the UN funding of local Pacific Island projects.

    Anyway, it’s a long shot, but I thought I would ask you anyway.


    Joe Sutherland