Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 29 August 2015

The Vanuatu Cultural Council has decided to suspend three staff members of the national museum and terminate one, despite their case being lodged with the Vanuatu National Workers’ Union. The Chairman of the union, Ambong Thompson, told Radio Vanuatu News yesterday the decision was unfair. One staff member was terminated without disciplinary warning. Thompson said the Board of the Cultural Council failed to observe the proper requirements for a suspension. It was earlier observed by museum friends that the appointments to the new Board were improperly carried out.

A regional Climate Change adaptation and resilience support programme depending on information sharing and offered by an Australian university has had the support of ni-Vanuatu stake-holders. The Australian Government is financing the programme which is assisted by SPREP, Vanuatu, Fiji and Tonga which share their information on climate change as appropriate. The aim is to build a data base concerning climate change, Radio Vanuatu reported today.

Marokon Alilee, Director of Trade, pointed out at the opening of the Trade Fair this week that Vanuatu has people with considerable talent for production, but we produce less than other Pacific island countries. PM Kilman spoke of the need to ensure maintenance of projects undertaken and the high cost of this to budgets, VBTC reported. The Trade Fair has learned Maskelynes coconut oil and soap made from it have been helpful to children there in avoiding skin diseases.

Daily Post yesterday observed that the Government still recognises Remy Kunuan as the head of the Vanuatu Fishermen’s Association, despite news given by Post the day before.

Daily Post today begins with the launch of the Vanuatu Infrastructure Strategic Investment Plan. This includes the urban development in the two big towns and the East Coast road on Malekula.

Vanuatu Times’ present issue tells readers of the early death of the founder of the Vanuatu Green Confederation Party, Gilles Daniel, at the age of only 46.