Vanuatu Daily News Digest | Additional Bribery Case news

Vanuatu has Acting Head of State facing bribery charges.

Marcellino Pipite is the Acting President since, as Speaker of Parliament, he took over the function of President Baldwin Lonsdale yesterday whilst the latter is in Fiji for USP purposes. Of course everyone is innocent until proven guilty. And Pipite did see a need to revisit the Westminster system following his visit to New York ended early this week.

However, it has to be added that Finance Minister Willie Jimmy Tapangararua did plead guilty in the Bribery Case this morning in the absence of the person he has chosen as his counsel. This was not made clear in the earlier Digest blog today.

Do read Daily Post tomorrow for a full account.


One Comment on “Vanuatu Daily News Digest | Additional Bribery Case news”

  1. Tony Harris says:

    If one party were to admit guilt by pleading guilty as such, then such aspersion must be cast upon all other parties to that charge where the collective charge be one of collusion rather than independent synchronicity. Ths situation is very straight-forward, is it not.