Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 3 September 2015

This Digest is late owing to no early morning Bribery Case news on Radio Vanuatu and a sell-out of Daily Post copies today.

Just a few further aspects to the Bribery Case

Justice Mary Sey is allowing no further appeals concerning her rulings in the matter so far, seeing these as simply being delaying tactics. Further appeals must now await judgements in the matter. Processes of her court must not be appealed until the cases are decided.

From Monday the cases proceed in three steps, beginning with the most serious.

The current Acting Prime Minister faces the majority of the charges in the Bribery Case. DPM Carcasses is the recipient of 24 counts. However it was not stated where Prime Minister Kilman happens to be at this time. Your news Digest has failed to establish whether the Government has issued any press release in the matter of the Bribery Case. The dispiriting affair is the subject of an excellent Opinion piece in today’s Daily Post in which Kierry Manassah points out that some 25 years ago former President Sokomanu felt obliged to stand down after a simple road offence. Daily Post today suggests that this present Acting PM sees the Bribery Case as a "politically motivated" matter, as if that makes it less of a crime.


One Comment on “Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 3 September 2015”

  1. nasimal says:

    The DPM has said these bribery cases were politically motivated , but let us take a closer study of these cases and the background on which there were happened . In these cases let the DPM explain to the Vanuatu public the whole truth . What is the meaning of BRIBE . Last time during my study , I knew bribe mean’s Inducement , pay-off , backhander , buy off , reward which is in itself is CORRUPTION . There is nothing wrong for DPM to come clean and with honour to stand aside for the good of our Country . I pray our AHAYAH ( The Most High ) to guide Judge Mary Sey and our people of Vanuatu , to come up with the right judgment .
    Thank you .