Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 11 September 2015

The wealth of detail in the Bribery Case evidence is still needed by the Court, and I will still read it in Daily Post, but how Tony Nari would get the other MPs to sign bits of paper before picking up their stacks of legal tender and loan agreements, enabling them to make Moana the next Prime Minister, and whether in a yellow bus, at the airport or at Coconut Palms, I don’t give a damn. Nor, it seems, did Mr Fixit Nari himself, really. One witness said yesterday that Nari said he "could forget about refunding the money" if Carcasses became the next PM. (Post today)

Fortunately the real (and substantive, not accused of bribery) Head of State has returned from Fiji, his deputy and stand-in still needing to face criminal charges in the Supreme Court. At Laucala Bay, now as USP Chancellor, Fr Baldwin Lonsdale conferred certificates, diplomas, degrees (masters and doctorate) on some 650 students. Daily Post carries a photo from this event today. President Lonsdale has declared October 15 a public holiday for the people of Port Vila for the by-election. (Daily Post)

Daily Post confirms Kenneth Natapei as VP’s only candidate in that election.

A Luganville Municipal Election Dispute Committee has been appointed,, Hannaline Nalau Ilo is chairperson. (Daily Post)

Daily Post yesterday had news of 11 arrested in Luganville following a party, injury and fire.