Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 12 September 2015

The dispiriting revelations at Dumbea court continue …

MP John Lum (Nagriamel President) recalled how MPs Teluk and Pipite in November pressured him to sign a motion against PM Joe Natuman and his government for a reward of a million vatu. This is, of course, the Bribery Case. Lum was then subjected to the MP Tony Nari blandishments, Nari having been in Santo to make a similar offer to MP Havo Moli. Moli was refusing the VT 1 million bait to sign the motion, but, according to Nari, said he would accept if Lum did. A third campaign had to be mounted to tackle Lum at home, and this brought all three MPs, Pipite, Nari and Telukluk, to his house.

The Bribery Case courtroom also learned of MP Bob Loughman hearing discussions concerning the offers of a million vatu through telephone calls between MPs Tesei and Nari in a Council of Ministers meeting. Loughman was shown the amount of money later, at his Ministry, in an envelope. Loughman did not sign anything and advised the matter be taken to the Speaker.

Prosecutions witness Samson Samsen admitted in court that agreement to sign a motion of no confidence was not required of him when a deal was struck with Carcasses for a loan of VT 1 million. He had gone to the Greens office to sign a loan agreement. Others present at the office, he understood (MPs Carcasses, Pipite, Willie Jimmy, Paul Telukluk, Tony Nari and Serge Vohor) were there for the same purpose.

The above Bribery Case reports are from today’s Daily Post. Defence cases will be heard next week.

Today Post also has 6 candidates for the Port Vila by-election: Alatoi Ishmael Kalsakau (Independent), Nadia Kaneggai (PPP), Kenneth Natapei (VP), Allan Carlot (Natatok), Georgie Carlo (UMP) and Jocelyn Mete (Independent).

All media have covered a vicious attack on the manager of the Central Market by a number of assailants.

Thirty-five persons have been arrested in relation to the Tanna arson case at Tanna Lodge. (Daily Post)

Eilon Mass, Israeli national, has been convicted of the rape charges against him and will be sentenced on 25 September. (Independent)

Shipping companies Touraken and Belair are undertaking services to the outer islands of Tafea with the assistance of a Government subsidy (Daily Post) in a manner that was never successful through the locally managed and Chinese aid-provided Southern Star.