Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 16 September 2015

Finance Minister Willie Jimmy Tapangararua is understood to be giving evidence this morning in the Bribery Case (criminal case 73 of 2015) following a request by the Public Prosecutor, allowed by Justice Sey. Minister Jimmy has lodged a plea of guilty. Yesterday Internal Affairs Minister Nevu of the Iauko Group (Santo) yesterday confirmed that he received a loan for 1 million vatu from the Green Confederation Community Fund in the presence of MPs Carcasses, Pipite, Nari and Vohor. He stated that the loan agreement had no connection with a motion of no confidence in the Prime MInister, Joe Natuman. Nevu also stated that the million vatu he received did not come from the Green Confederation Community Fund Limited as provided for in the loan agreement, but from the personal account of Moana Carcasses. Whilst the loan agreement did not require Nevu to sign a motion of no confidence in Prime Minister Natuman, he did sign such a motion "a week or two after signing the loan document." All media are covering the revelations of the considerable volume of evidence coming to light in a case regarded by many voters in nakamal discussion or on public buses as a national disgrace.

All media have also covered the arrival of the 160 cattle of a breeding herd at Lolowai. The intention is to repopulate plantations in Penama with cattle. Acting Penama Secretary General Augustine Garae expressed gratitude to the SG of Sanma, Sakaraea Daniel, on the hand over at Lolowai of the barge load of bovines.

Lagoon residents at the western end of Second Lagoon, Port Vila (Emten), have complained concerning the massive destruction of the forest on the land known as "Connie’s Art Blong Yumi" without any discussion with residents. Former Lands Minister Regenvanu is assisting the residents and media in the matter. Many loads of quarry material have been brought in as foundations for a massive project, as yet un-explained. (Daily Post)

The film "Tanna" has been a major hit at the Venice film festival. Two awards were granted: the Audience award and the award for the Best Cinematographer. This latter is Bentley Dean, who, together with Martin Butler, co-director, has been responsible for acclaimed documentaries in Australia. The cast for "Tanna" was entirely local. We look forward to seeing it elsewhere in Vanuatu as they do on Tanna itself.


One Comment on “Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 16 September 2015”

  1. Sue Farran says:

    One wonders why those MPs who have pleaded guilty in the current bribery case have not immediately resigned their seats? Instead they appear to be continuing to enjoy the privileges of their posts. Is it because past experience in Vanuatu demonstrates that however guilty an MP or Minister is of illegal behaviour, as established through the courts or recorded in Ombudsman or other reports, their political careers will flourish?