Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 25 September 2015

Lawyers for some of the MPs in the Bribery Case have managed to secure a constitutional application before Justice Fatiaki on Monday. Daily Post says today that several media outlets have reported the constitutional application, but the content is not available.

The candidates in the Port Vila by-elecion are to be announced today. Campaigning can then immediately begin. This then ends two days before voting on 15 October. (Daily Post)

There is reporting of water shortages from the Shepherds, Ambrym and Epi, Daily Post reports today. In the wake of cyclone Pam, which particularly affected these places, often damaging water storage facilities, the dry spell brought by El Nino is being felt by people all over Vanuatu. Managing water will not be easy, and recent heavy rains in Fiji have not reached us here.