Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 26 September 2015

When governments have been investigated it seems they must find a need to investigate, too. And thus there is reporting in the papers today of investigations at Vanuatu Post and Airports Vanuatu. The Opposition says the leaders of the country are taking it back to the stone age era. The Opposition says breaking the law is the crux of the argument and the MPs currently in court must be prepared to accept whatever the Supreme Court decides.

Cruise ships will be able to return to Luganville in November, it is hoped in Post today. That same paper has huge amounts raised with the post-Pam music festival for Malapoa and from Unelco for Fes’Nap this year.

Post also carries a warning from Professor Sue Farran that not enough is being done to protect the rights of custom owners to their land.

The United Front for Change will be launched at Saralana Stage tomorrow with Kenneth Natapei stepping forward for the Front and being supported by Vanua’aku Pati, NUP, MPP, RMC, Hope, and Graon mo Jastis Pati leaders. Coming together makes a whole lot more sense than starting investigations. In Post Acting Police Commissioner Vake Rakau makes it clear that this investigation, even though his son was actually terminated, is really about misappropriation and his office is working closely with Prosecutions to ensure the matter is brought before the courts. The United Front starts to show its face at 1 pm. All welcome.