Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 1 October 2015

Daily Post today reports the Opposition appalled by the Government’s leadership stance, with PM Kilman and Speaker Marcellino Pipite having continued or continuing ongoing overseas travel. The Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Ham Lini, observes that two thirds of Kilman’s backers "have a huge cloud of uncertainty hanging over them" in the ongoing Bribery Case. As well as running away from the "burning issues left unattended," Lini says, Kilman "hands over the reins of responsibility to a leader like Moana Carcasses whose fate is now in the hands of the courts." Ham Lini also drew attention to Kilman collecting the UN award to Vanuatu concerning information and communications technology (ICT) when he has said his government intends to control social media in Vanuatu.

37,000 voters in Port Vila will be going to the polls on 15 October for the by-election as a result of the death of the much admired Edward Nipake Natapei. Ex-FOL voters will this time leave their ballot papers at the VIT Hospitality Training Centre, ex-FOL having greatly suffered with cyclone Pam. (Radio Vanuatu)

Suspensions continue as the gap to the Port Vila election narrows … Finance Minister Willie Jimmy has suspended the VNPF Board led by Simil Johnson over "irregularities in investment decisions." No reasons were able to be given in the report this morning. (Daily Post) Ours but to wonder why.

The Northern Islands Stevedoring Company (NISCOL) has a new chairman, the Port Via businessman Jay Ngwele (of the Iauko Group). He was appointed by Internal Affairs Minister Nevu, replacing Alfred Maliu of Santo, to head the wharf management company owned by the northern provinces in the northern city. (Radio Vanuatu)

Daily Post reports 264 sewing machines have been destroyed owing to their infringement of VIPO regulations. Again, ours but to wonder why – why a happier conclusion to their illegality could not have been arranged.

And, oh, by the way … Eilon Mass got a gaol term of 5 years and 3 months.