Vanuatu Daily News Digest | Pipite pardons 14 convicted Friday

The ABC in Australia reports the Vanuatu acting president in a bid to pardon himself and 13 others convicted of bribery.

On Friday the court found parliamentary speaker Mr Pipite, deputy prime minister Moana Carcasses and 12 other MPs guilty of bribery charges.

The MPs were facing a maximum of 10 years in jail and were due to be sentenced on October 22.

Under Vanuatu law, Mr Pipete as speaker of parliament also acts as president when the latter is travelling abroad, and has the power to pardon anyone, including himself.

Tony Wilson, editor of the Vanuatu Independent newspaper, said he confirmed the pardons through a government MP.

"Sometime, yesterday afternoon, the acting president of the nation, Marcellino Pipite, who is actually the speaker of the house of the parliament, pardoned himself and the other 13 MPs," he told the ABC.

He said the move was made possible after Mr Pipite assumed the top job when president Baldwin Lonsdale left the country for a visit to Samoa.

Opposition MP, Ralph Regenvanu, said nothing concrete had happened and that police and the prosecution were "working on it" — in regards to stopping the process.

It is understood there was a government meeting on Saturday night where MPs met with prime minister Sato Kilman to decide how to keep the government intact.

The ABC has been told that a press conference will be held in the speaker’s office this afternoon.



5 Comments on “Vanuatu Daily News Digest | Pipite pardons 14 convicted Friday”

  1. Doctor Louis Beaumont MD says:

    Surely this flagrant criminality cannot stand? WHERE IS JUSTICE IN VANUATU?
    The people of Vanuatu surely take to the streets and protest this disgusting self-serving neo-criminal behaviour…
    Or in doing nothing; let this wonderful country be turned into SCAMuatu!


  2. nasimal says:

    It will be a no brainer if Mr. Pipite trying to pardon himself and the MPS who are still waiting for their sentence’s . It would be abused of power through the office of the President on such matters . Reference the Supreme Court judgement and sentencing of these cases . The speaker would be advice not to interfere with the outcome . Thank you and I pray our AHAYAH bless Vanuatu .


  3. Rick says:

    “[P.S. I couldn’t send email via my official (work) email therefore I am using my Gmail for the time being.]” ~ How is this possible?


  4. sonny says:

    you have to be kidding me..why even have a legal system..what a joke.


  5. Tony says:

    Well, well, well!! The Vanuatu privileged working at their best. Showing the world how to truly run a thoroughly corrupt system of Government. Will it ever stop!!!

    A convicted criminal, not yet sentenced still holding a Parliamentary Speaker’s position and a position of acting President of Vanuatu (in President’s absence) pardoning himself plus 13 of his fellow convicted & corrupt politicians.

    Take your medicine like real men I say. You brought all onto yourselves and maybe, jusr maybe will all come out of it with some little respect remaining. At this present time you all have zero respect, nor should you all!!!

    Willie Jimmy appears to be the only honest one in the whole rotten barrel. He stood up like a real man. He still holds my respect.

    That’s my say,