Vanuatu Daily News Digest | The Pipite confirmation

Comment from the Digest:

It will be interesting to hear what the PM and vast majority of un-convicted MPs feel about Pipite’s pardons and also Mr Willie Jimmy’s viewpoint.


2 Comments on “Vanuatu Daily News Digest | The Pipite confirmation”

  1. Morrison Bule says:

    I don’t believe in this bulshit pardon. Moana and his comrade committed a mutiny case by ousting a legitimate government with the power of money he bribed the 15 MP’s with so him and and his 15 MPs should face mutiny case and jail them for life.

    George spade was charged on mutiny because he used barrel of a gun to take over a legitimate and democratically elected government of Mahendra. He is jailed for life so I don’t see why these corrupted MP’s shouldn’t take the same course.

    These are the very same people who cause instability in the government of Vanuatu and economy of Vanuatu so Justice must be done on them because they did not legislate only for some people, they must face what they legislate as no one is above the law.


  2. Darryl Fallow, Canberra. says:

    Indeed – an interesting situation. We await comments from the Prime Minister and how this event will play out