Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 12 October 2015

In Daily Post today we learn that the Government is not going to comment on the issue of Marcellino Pipite, in his final hours as acting President, pardoning the fourteen MPs including himself convicted in the Bribery Case. Government’s PRO told Post: "It is the decision of the (acting) President. The Government will not comment on the matter."

The Opposition, however, has strong points to make, beginning with their insistence the Government of Sato Kilman stand aside to allow for a new administration. The Opposition is concerned at the conduct of those convicted who are "abusing national institutions and assets without shame or remorse for their actions." The Opposition states Carcasses and his 13 colleagues can no longer claim any of their rights under Article 5 of the Constitution. Furthermore, Pipite’s action, was carried out with a "clear conflict of interest."

The Ombudsman wants the Constitutional case against aspects of his Preliminary Report (PR) into the bribery matter appealed. Ombudsman Mataskelekele says that MP Moana Carcasses was properly and legally served with notice by the Ombudsman’s Office but never replied to correspondence. Furthermore the trial judge did not adequately consider the issue of balance of justice and convenience in the interests of the people in declaring the PR null and void. (Daily Post)

Political campaigns close tonight for the forthcoming Port Vila by-election.


2 Comments on “Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 12 October 2015”

  1. Vinay Chand says:

    In this dramatic situation, can Speaker Pipite and the others accused not be found by Judge Sey of contempt of court and obstructing the process of justice?


  2. sonny says:

    The government must honor the courts ruling or Vanuatu has no rule of law will be the laughing stock of everyone..