Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 24 October 2015

The bribery and corruption charges have left the Government number in the 52 seat Parliament reduced by 14. Most of the 14 so convicted are likely to appeal within the required fortnight. Justice Mary Sey’s judgment was thorough and comprehensive. There has been no plausible suggestion as to how any appeal might enable punishment other than the MPs custodial sentences and so the convicts’ seats are likely to be declared vacant on 22 November.

A minority presently rules Vanuatu. PM Kilman has sworn in MP Don Ken as Infrastructure Minister and MP Jerome Ludvanune as Minister for Planning and Climate Change. Foreign Affairs, Tourism and Commerce and Lands are three ministries which remain vacant.

The Prime Minister is saying little in the matter other than that whilst he has a minority Government, the Opposition has to accept that it "cannot call Parliament and form a Government because it does not have 27 MPs."