Vanuatu Daily News Digest | Presidential ultimatum

President Baldwin Lonsdale has given the Government and Opposition until 6 November to resolve the ongoing political crisis. The Principal Private Secretary confirmed to Radio Vanuatu the deadline which has been set by the Head of State. If it is not met by the protagonists the President will have to take urgent steps to ensure resolution and to return the country to stable government.

A meeting was scheduled by State House for ten o’clock this morning to bring the Government and Opposition together at State House. However, Radio Vanuatu reported Prime Minister Kilman unable to attend.

Eight appeal applications have been received by the Supreme Court from the thirteen MPs convicted of bribery last week. The Appeal Court will sit from 9 November and two weeks of hearing are scheduled by the Court for all cases. Radio Vanuatu lunchtime news today said it seems likely the MPs’ appeals will have a priority in the scheduling of cases.

Vila Times today points out that sentencing in the Bribery Case took place exactly a year after one Fong Man Kelvin deposited the sum of 48 million vatu with the China Construction Bank for Pacific International Trust Company’s Thomas Bayer to make available to MP Moana Carcasses, the principal figure in the case completed last week.

The Government Gazette reveals significant amendments to the Official Salaries Act today, Daily Post tells us. Various categories of staff including cooks, gardeners, cleaners and support staff are entitled to child allowance and home island leave passages and the allowances are back-dated to June 23.