Vanuatu Daily News Digest | Opposition demands PM Kilman resign

The Vanuatu Opposition has renewed its call for the Prime Minister to resign immediately, Opposition leaders jointly told the media this afternoon. They point out that the whole world has witnessed the imprisonment of more than half of the Kilman Government’s cabinet on corruption and bribery charges. However, they say. "Kilman unashamedly holds on to power while protecting his minority government in defiance of public opinion and international democratic norms and principles.

"Therefore the Opposition, which currently commands the majority of Members in Parliament again calls on the Prime Minister to do the honorable thing at this juncture of Vanuatu history by resigning immediately."

The Opposition press release issued this afternoon says "If Constitutional crisis should emerge then the Opposition will squarely put the blame on the Prime Minister for his intransigence and lack of leadership.

"In the national and public interest the Opposition stands ready to form a new government with interested parties to avert any Constitutional crisis and put an end to the mass squandering of public money and the abuse of Government assets by the current, defunct Kilman Administration."