Vanuatu Daily News Digest | Opposition insists Parliament meet

The Vanuatu Opposition is calling on the First Deputy Speaker, Samson Samsen MP, to summon Parliament to meet in its Second Ordinary Session for 2015. Speaker Pipite being imprisoned and the Government having done nothing to require the session in August as required by law, the Opposition leaders are determined that the country’s national Parliament will meet whilst there is still time for a budget to be debated and approved for 2016. Deputy Speaker Samsen is being given a deadline until 4.30 pm Thursday to consult with the Prime Minister and arrange a date according to Standing Orders. Failure to meet this requirement will mean a Constitutional case against the deputy.

The Opposition in a press conference this afternoon also revealed that many of the self-styled chiefs from islands in the north, presently gathering in Port Vila, are also strong men and political cronies of Government MPs or politicians gaoled in reference to the Bribery Case. The parties UMP and VRP particularly are mentioned and the connection between the chief and an MP pointed out. The media representatives learned that funds of the Northern Islands Stevedoring Company were used to bring many of the so-called representative chiefs to Port Vila.


One Comment on “Vanuatu Daily News Digest | Opposition insists Parliament meet”

  1. Lionel Tom says:

    I think these so-called chiefs need to be arrested and jailed as well for their unwise use of fund of the Northern Island Stevedoring company.