Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 4 November 2015

November is, of course, the time when we hear of requirements for budgetary constraints, as the budget year is ending and suddenly, it seems, there is no more money for anything much. Of course it is worse when we have had governments able to act irresponsibly. And now the Government has said it will reduce by VT 33 million its grant to each of the provinces. The Ministry for Internal Affairs is urging provincial authorities to look at investment opportunities the councils may have. This is reported in Daily Post today.

A circular reported on Yumi Toktok Stret says that most ministries and constitutional agencies "no longer have a budget for the remaining year. The Gov’t, it seems, has been on "spending spree" the circular of the Acting Director of Finance would suggest, but measures are being taken now to ensure no unnecessary spending.

Radio Vanuatu News is back on the air after having an outstanding of VT 12 million to Unelco. GM Vurobaravu said steps were taken to pay their bills, and the matter has not been entirely resolved yet. The general public will note that this is at the beginning if the cyclone season when Radio Vanuatu weather warnings are of particular importance. More will be heard on this one if only from your Digest editor.


One Comment on “Vanuatu Daily News Digest | 4 November 2015”

  1. Sue Farran says:

    Where has the money from the bribes gone? Still in the bank accounts of those convicted of bribery? Perhaps that and the money paid to MPs from ‘surplus’ Pam funds could be re routed so that at least some bills could be paid so as to secure cyclone warnings for the people of Vanuatu.