Vanuatu Daily News Digest | A new report on Bougainville mining

The Devil in the Detail
Bougainville report APH launch

Major report into the Bougainville Mining Act to be launched by Senator Lee Rhiannon and MP Melissa Parke.

WHERE: Room 1S3, Parliament House
WHEN: 1pm, Wednesday, November 11

After a 26-year absence of mining in Bougainville, and after the island suffered a brutal civil war, a new mining act has opened the door to tenement applications.

The Bougainville Mining Act, passed on March 26, 2015, raises serious concerns as local communities are largely unaware of its provisions that include hefty penalties, including imprisonment for infringement of the Act.
The report analyses provisions of the Act which could be in violation of international covenants and with Bougainville’s constitution. It also compares claims made about the Act by politicians and others, which diverge significantly from its actual terms.

Advanced copies of report and executive summary available on request.
Contact: Brynnie Goodwill 0404 896 396 brynnie