Vanuatu Daily News Digest | Tuesday 10 November 2015

Radio Vanuatu News today led with the Sanma Provincial Government’s William Malon, giving more information about his council’s budget for next year. The Sanma President also expressed his satisfaction with the 65 million vatu budget for next year, 33 million to come from central government, the rest to be raised locally. Sanma also has a trust account holding 22 million vatu. The President was happy with the unity shown by the Sanma councillors.

It is hard to understand the Prime Minister’s statements which are on Daily Post page one today without byline. Mr Kilman, as the first among equals, questions what his government is doing about the deteriorating road conditions in Port Vila with huge ugly potholes, but more important, he asks, what is the government doing about it and when the Port Vila Urban Land Development project will start? He should have the answers, bus drivers said this morning, as leader of the pack. Yet the PM is of the opinion "complacency is costing the Vanuatu Government its budget," which he seems determined shall not be debated for a very long time – until next March. The PM seems to blame his government’s workboys, the DGs, who have been given an ultimatum of 14 days to deal with various issues after which he will sign DGs’ employment contracts which he has apparently revised. Your editor asks what has happened to the Development Committee of Officials?

DCO previously seemed to help hold ministries and government and administration together.

Daily Post also leads with news that the MPs’ appeals have been delayed until Thursday because of late submissions from the counsels for the applicants, to some even being received yesterday morning. Justice Von Doussa has granted an extension until the end of today for submissions. Thursday will see the appeals for the 14 MPs convicted of bribery and Monday the appeal by Speaker Pipite against the President’s revocation of Pipite’s pardons of himself and the other MPs.

The National Archives and Chief Government Information Officer are working together to set up standards for managing the national information records. An MOU has been signed by Chief Government Information Officer, Fred Samuel, and National Archivist, Augustine Tevimule. (Daily Post)

Family Roots Band and Drovikal Groove Band musicians have donated 17 magnificent 500 litre poly tanks for drought affected areas. They will be mainly shared by Tannese and Shepherds communities. Bred Bank donated one million vatu to the Red Cross charity gala last Friday night. (Daily Post)

As for my attempts to give Digest readers the Bougainville point of view as expressed by the Jubilee Australia Research Centre – it still isn’t working. Apologies. Editor.